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Analize Button

The Find Duplicates tool finds pair of vCards having the same name, address, telephone number or email address, depending on the selected options.

After the analyze process is completed, a list of matches will be visualized and it will be possible to open the pair of matched vCards by double clicking on the corresponding row.

Join Button (only for Registered Users, since ver 1.2.1)

An interesting feature is the Join, that is available only to registered users. It joins two vCards, adding the data of the right vCard that is not already present into the left vCard. It is possible to delete a match from the list by selecting it and clicking the delete button. Only if the right vCard is a single vCard, it will be deleted.

It could be necessary to repeat this procedure if there is a chain of matches: for example if a<-b and b<-c then you need to repeat the join 2 times.

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